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Starting an online business in three easy steps

In this day an age, there are more businesses being started online than physically. There are numerous benefits to running an online business, such as low overheads, ability to work remotely and the ability to reach out to a wider audience. Depending on the type of business you wish to start, be it an e-commerce site or offering service, this article will go through how you can start your own online business in three easy steps today!


Step 1 – Plan you business

This step is not just for an online business, but also for any business in general. Within your plan should be a market analysis and possibly a SWOT analysis, as well as plans for funding. This should be within the business plan, which may be used when sourcing funding from banks, investors etc.


If you are starting small, a big business plan may not ideal. Keep it concise and lean so you focus only on the essentials. The beauty of starting an online business is that you could sell (almost) anything from clothing to meeting booking software. There have even been instances of people selling bottled air! This goes to show that there is pretty much a buyer for anything.


Step 2 – Register your domain and build your website

Register your domain name with your business name, ensuring it is easy to read, write and remember. Ted’s woodworking website is This is easy to read and the name is clear as to what will be on the website.


You may choose to build your website from scratch using site such as or use templates with built in payment systems such as Shopify. Your choice may depend on what you are selling. Shopify is great for e-commerce and doesn’t require much technical know-how to use, while WordPress may be more ideal for providing services and more interactive sites, but you may want to outsource this to a professional.


Step 3 – Drive traffic to your site

Once you have the website up and running, it is time to bring potential customers to your site. After all, how are you going to make any sales if no one is visiting the site? Consider using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising in order to drive traffic towards your new site.


Aim to build a following, by regularly updating your site and producing relevant content. Depending on what your business is offering, you may want to give out discounts if you are an e-commerce business, or create great articles and videos that people will find useful. Affiliate marketing is also possible and could be another income channel if you provide links to other websites and customers purchase.


And there we have it, three simple steps to get your online business up and running. In essence, have an idea, plan around it, create a website, and start monetizing this. Who knows, experience in starting an online business may lead to you building websites for others too!