Office space

Increase Your Office Space Utilisation Without Increasing Costs

At a time when the price of office space is at an all time high in large cities, it is imperative that businesses ensure that they are getting the most value from what they currently have, without having to increase their costs. Too often, many buildings will not have any vacancies, but the utilisation of the spaces may not be optimum. As a result, workforce productivity can suffer due to such inefficiencies. We will look at ways you can improve the utilisation of your office space, without having to increase costs.


Design it with productivity in mind

Office spaces are mainly geared towards being a space conducive to employee productivity, so it must be designed in that way. While it is a place of work, there must also be areas for relaxation purposes, where employees can take a break and recharge away from the hectic working environment. In order to increase utilisation with increasing costs, consider altering the layout of the office, separating the work and rest areas. This needn’t cost anything and can be more effective than investing heavily in expanding the office space.

Changes that can be made to improve the office’s design include; having meeting rooms in a dedicated area so there is less confusion as to where to go, install meeting schedule software so meeting room bookings are optimized, and improve natural lighting. Designs will all of course depend on the type of organisation it is for. Creative firms will likely want a flexible workspace layout, whereas those with a strict hierarchy and clear roles and tasks would be more likely suited to cubicle style spaces.


Plan for space saving

By reducing or planning the office size to a specific size, the bottom line of the business will directly benefit. By saving space, an organisation can delay expansion and increase their strategic flexibility. By being able to react quickly to internal and external forces, a business is therefore more competitive and can adjust to different environments with ease compared to less agile competitors, thus giving them an advantage.

Making the most of space currently available is an absolute priority over expanding, as this does not cost the business anymore than it is currently paying, as well as likely improving the value it is extracting from the space. If needs be, hire external consultants and designers who will be able to look at your business from an unbiased perspective and offer solutions as to the best ways to utilize your space, dependent on your needs. Prior planning saves expensive rectifications further down the line.


Trim your workforce

This may be an unpopular option, but how can your office space be utilized if space is being occupied by employees whose jobs are, or near enough, obsolete. Salaries are generally one of an organisation’s biggest costs, therefore employing positions that are not needed not only costs money in salaries, but also in inefficiencies and the physical spaces they take up in an office. If you cannot bring yourself to implement redundancies, consider having them work remotely, allowing you to put your office space to better use.