BEST UNTURNED SERVER HOSTERS! Axel, ABC, game servers, hosting review!

Today I am going to talk about the best unturned server hosting company’s. I have tried axel hosting, ABC game servers, and game servers hosting websites. If you have one of these company’s host your 3.0 server then you will not need to port forward or use hamachi! You can buy a server for as low as $6.70 a month!
Buy cheap servers here:

You can also buy others servers from those hosting websites.

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Why are you still reading this stop wasting time and go watch another one of my videos. Really you are still reading well then ill stop typing. 🙂

20 Responses to BEST UNTURNED SERVER HOSTERS! Axel, ABC, game servers, hosting review!

  1. Sweaky Gaming

    Add me to steam, I'm the best cartoonist, and I sell the servers so cheaply, and I sell Creative pvp roleplay server, which is why you will thank me, because I'm not a scammer, you can report me if I is a scammer, and I've sold more than 50 servers, both csgo / unturned so add me in steam, my steam profile:

  2. Sweaky Gaming

    Hmm, i dont actually think they will buy "servers" because they can actually make already one, but keep your video up 😛

  3. Pixolator Gaming

    UK dollars , are you autistic

  4. GrayNWolf

    The Rocket thing crashed lol you just suck at coding

  5. Sky Marbles

    I already see that you are not so familliar with the rocket and the plugins. Since you say the second host is trash because u fucked up… I already have an idea what u did there and how to fix it…and u say UK dollars? Wtf? …And u didnt even say what more important features they have like MYSQL… just guys if you are looking for a host dont take advice from this guy..

  6. Rylan Ferguson

    Don't do gameservers they are overpriced, their support team sucks it takes them 7 hours for them to answer me, and you cant view a console.

  7. Scott McNeill

    how do you access the console on game servers?!? Its really confusing to someone who is new to this

  8. csgogamer 1

    Dude i bought IT i vant admin My self And i cant update it

  9. ItsNoslack

    well I'm sold

  10. Sharpshooter23

    LYHME hosting is very good and they help u right away!

  11. SonOfChe

    what about lyhme ?

  12. MR DETOX

    NexServ hosting the best

  13. Zach Couto Music

    Title is "best gaming hosting servers"

    "Next up is axel hosting, and I absolutely hate this host"


  14. Charles Gerber Jr.

    To everyone.
    When looking for a Game Server Host,,,,Stay away from Survival Servers as they have very,very Slow Support. When they say 24 hours to take care of a probelm they mean it. IF they over charge you $50 to $100 dollars, than they can take up to one week to return your money…Oh, and if your bank does a charge back they Terminated Your Servers without warning…..

  15. LeonMelowen

    did they fix the admin thing?
    In abc

  16. DanielThePear

    Using files is better. You can't edit shit when it comes to those hosters that give you buttons and not files.

  17. jonathan hatfeild

    VOXTON so i bought everything and i have like 5 people on but i cant figure anything out PLS help. Jasperkid29. Add me on steam

  18. Axiomatic

    Is ABC Game Servers fixed?

  19. Dominic Espinoza

    how do I add workshop to a gameservers server

  20. nathan harding

    i got gameservers and it says i have to go to the config area on the control panel and put my steam id in the owner line but i cannot find the owner line!! plz help

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